Where does it hide, when

All feels right, and the

Sun is warm and glorious

Music playing?

How can it exist when

All feels possible, when

My limbs are light and

My lungs are full?

What keeps it busy

While I am laughing

And making plans

To smile more?

I know it is about

I know because it pushes back

When I try and stretch

….. wait a minute, this poem isn’t working ……


The same heaviness that keeps buildings on the ground and cars on the road also keeps my soul from soaring.

Depression, heaviness, emptiness, all disguised as gravity.

Well, fuck gravity then. Let things float away, that I might be released from my shoes and empty smiles. I reject it all, because I cannot win any other way. Rejection becomes winning. Rejection, yeah, I can do that. I can do that because I have seen enough of it. I know its power, so I will grab some of my own and spread it around.

I will release the buildings and the cars and the banks, yeah, especially the banks. I will free the zoo animals and the children. Yes, free the children. I will let them out and away now. No more prisoners. Everything away with it all. I am sick of stasis. Everything just fucking sitting there, same place every fucking day. That bank never moves. Never.

Same signs, offices, pavement, songs, furniture. Red, it never fucking changes, it is always red. Doesn’t red want to be free of being red, maybe it wants to be blue or green or champagne …. wait, nothing wants to be champagne.

And plants, they are stuck. Free the plants and shrubs and trees … they are alive, let them go get their own water. Dogs on leashes and birds in cages and humans in offices all need out.

Heaviness hides in our choices.


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