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The Fallout of No Respect

There is an order to things that I refer to as a Pure Intelligence. (I scooped this phrase from a book called Spiritual Warfare, by Jed McKenna). It might be a reference to all things biological, but I think it extends beyond that to include all things, stars and planets and rocks and on and on.

This Pure Intelligence is on full display in the natural world. The world of cells and reproduction, the adaptation of plants and animals and humans to ensure survival. And even as we have discovered so much, we continue to learn more of this world and the interdependence between ecological systems. We are continually being surprised and amazed.

Further, the study of quantum mechanics is fusing all things into a single discussion, that the study of particle theory is revealing new truths about all that exists. Imagine that particles behave differently when they are being witnessed, and that no particle is exempt from this finding. Imagine linking the continuing and ongoing expansion of the universe to the behaviour of species as they adapt to changing conditions, that these seemingly unrelated activities are anything but unrelated. They are governed by the same principles. What else to call this but Pure Intelligence?

This convergence is only a convergence in our understanding and awareness. This is not new to the natural world, it has been so forever. It is “us” that is in the midst of a convergence. This blog post itself is a perfect example of such, as I could not have written these musings even 6 months ago. I am arriving at new thoughts, new premises.

The explorers of these frontiers are those that study the natural world, the scientists and biologists. For the most part (I assume) their methods are non-destructive. They make their observations without destroying the very systems they investigate. However, the same cannot be said of the activities of man-kind. We destroy or alter the natural biological world at every move. Imagine, every thing that we do, absolutely everything can be tied to a result of biological damage of some kind, and that no activity is exempt.

Every human activity diminishes the natural world. Our consumption depends on the sacrifice of the environment , either in the manufacturing or in the use or in the disposal, or in all three of these. Air quality, open pit mines, landfills, nuclear waste, asbestos use and procurement, soil erosion, ocean pollution all bear the brunt of our consumptive habits. Really, it can be no other way.

And what about our bodies? Even as we reach for that next potato chip, we alter the biological health of our body by eating something we don’t need and that is of no nutritional value. More damage of the biological kind to the most amazing of all entities in our known world, our very own body.

All of this is a preamble to set the stage for a discussion about disrespect. Our civilization has been driven by a constant of growth, in democracy, in knowledge, in freedoms and in ownership. And respect for the natural world has been absent in all of this expansion. The natural world, the earth and the quality of our environment has been neglected. Disrespected.

This premise has led me to understand a central sadness that I have embodied my entire life. I have been a witness to disrespect. Actually I have been altered by disrespect. People treated me very poorly as a child, and in doing so created biological damage. How so? By exposing me to early trauma, neural pathways were altered in damaging ways. The normal, purely intelligent way that my brain was to develop when in a respectful environment was derailed. My very existence was a burden for several key people, and their subsequent treatment was unkind at best, and often nasty. This cloak of disrespect created a divide between myself and the Pure Intelligence of this universe. Biological damage.

One of the things that these experiences left me with was a sensitivity to disrespect. Disrespect of me, or others, but always it created a tension in me. When I witnessed others being abused in any way, a flame arose within me. I often became angry, incensed that such a thing was happening in front of me. Only now, after some serious changes in my own self awareness, can I understand why it so inflamed me. In a way, I was rising up against the injustices I had endured as a kid, but I didn’t know that at the time. A result of biological damage.

I am left to consider the role of disrespect throughout all of humanity, and it’s affects on all that is. Have we ignored the Pure Intelligence and threatened all that is in doing so? Truly, there are many that believe that childhood trauma, clearly a result of disrespect, is the fertile ground for almost all human disfunction, whether it be addictions or other anti-social behaviours. Disrespect of the natural world, the environment, is front page news every day now.

I realize that I am a canary in the mineshaft, and that having been sensitized to disrespect at a young age enables me to know when it is present. Unfortunately, it is ever-present, and there is a sadness because of it. Yet knowing this is my truth is what will help me to make good choices in my life, choices that will “relate” to the person I am.