I circumnavigated your heart

Thousand and thousands of times

Looking for locks, and keys

I wanted in and

I wanted you out

I chiselled away, I carved too

Sometimes feverish, others not so

But I turned my back at times

You would not meet me

You feigned indifference

Acted brave and stupid

And hard and callous

You rejected me, you coward

And thickened your armour

Set your jaw, lowered your gaze

Hardened your heart to all

But why to me?

I was the one that

Wanted to help,

The only one that could

I knew what you did not

But you silenced me

Abandoned me alone

In the darkest shadows

Listen now, old man

Know that you and I are one

You are the old, I am the young

Please soften your face

And strengthen your arms

And we will face this grief



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