Seemingly I am escaping the gravitational pull of what came before, the only story that I have ever known, until now.

The lack of gravity is almost alarming, there is a weightlessness where before there was only burden. It’s challenging to float aloft, to await unknown influences and forces without reaching out to the tiller.

There is reflex towards anxiety, to gather control and set a course. But as my hand reaches out, it hesitates too. So many of my course corrections in life were misguided at best and intuitively I realize that I don’t know, not now at least. I pull back and allow.

I am in the presence of Spirit and I know only that I must listen.

3 responses to “Weightlessness

  • feelingmywaybackintolife

    🙂 Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    xx, Feeling

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  • bishoprex

    This is the writing and the story I am here to absorb to further promote how one person’s story/reflections can help shape another person who is coming out of darkness and working on “letting it happen” because I too screwed things up (there’s a book in itself). I working with 2 wonderful professionals that are helping me draw a better picture of myself now that my monsters have been exposed, put on trial and sentenced….but with forgiveness. Holding negative emotions in my gut for what used to occur in my life will only hold me back from the picture I want my life to become, now that I’m almost free to be a new me!

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    • photosentinel1953

      I have been looking for your contact info. We have a mutual acquaintance from Germany who isn’t doing well. I would love to have a talk with you about this. He has shut down his blog. I am worried. Are you up for a phone call?


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