I am being called, again.

I have a new understanding now

Of the heart ache and the anxiety

And the emptiness and the doubt

The fears and the desires, all of these

Are signposts to my peace.

These are the many voices of wisdom

That which is contained within the planets

And animals and plants and people

Wisdom belongs to no one place or thing

It just is, patiently awaiting us all.

I have heard it’s call more clearly than

Ever before. The emptiness and ache

In my chest an invitation to turn around,

To move inward, to sit still and soften

And accept that my grief is my teacher.

To know that the moist eyes and the

Ragged breath have been calling me

The heavy limbs and tense sinew

Pulling at me to gather myself

All calling me to come home, please.

Now, now, I recognize the call

Accept that it is time to be in the

Presence of the Pure Intelligence

That indeed there are gifts for me

And that I will endure the beauty.

My unspent love released at last

I am witnessed as alive and joyful

Red lips curved with smile and wet

With tears. Radiance has taken

A place in the centre of my being.

I am being called, again


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