Pressing On

I realize that I am in this life for the long haul, that at the age of 62 I am clear for the first time ever that I want more years, more decades. And all that comes with them. 

The challenges of life will not disappear, they will not recede just because I want them to. Yet I press on.

I am more skilled at being present. I am moving forward to the front row, where I have a more intimate relationship with life’s beauty and challenges.

I am more engaged with the very same life that I had been hiding from. This entails accepting all of my life, embracing the challenges as fortifications. 

I am learning to hold space for what is. I am sitting quietly, witnessing, caring, aching, laughing, loving and accepting. I sense without any hesitation that to be fully present I need to be fully open, that I must reveal myself.  

The struggles are not disappearing. I am appearing.

Pressing on.


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