Monthly Archives: January 2016

What To Do, What To Do

Sometimes I am deeply burdened, feeling lost in the heaviness that envelopes me. Often when this happens, I cry out “what is it that I am to do with my life!” Nothing seems possible, my imagination flattened, shallow breathing.

Sometimes I experience a deep state¬†of clarity, sensing the rotation of the earth below my feet. Often when this happens, I mumble “what is it that I am to do with this!”. Everything seems possible. Lightness, insight, a smile.

Two extremely opposite experiences of my life, and yet the same question arises for each. This makes me think that the answer to this rather basic question is all powerful, and comes first, before moods and burdens.

I think that what I am supposed to do is ….. experience it all, fully, completely. Stop choosing and be the witness.

………… and it is always now …………