A Remarkable Year

Exactly one year ago today, I headed south into the United States for some solitary time on the road. My plan was to be out for about ten weeks, head to the warm desert and sit by myself. The driving force behind this decision was my intuition that I needed time. That was all I knew for certain.

Little did I know that I was setting in motion a series of events and adventures that would change my life. What I have learned about my life is beyond anything I could have hoped for.

In a nutshell, I have been to California twice this year, once in January and again in late September. I shared a three week road trip with my grandson to Alberta to view all things dinosaur. I flew to Ontario twice, once to share with family my stories of being abused as a kid, and once to attend the funeral of a good friend.

I have taken part in two Vision Fasts, one ceremony each with Ayahuasca and Iboga, three with MDMA and one with Psylocibin.

I volunteered to take part in The Bristlecone Project, an online document chronicling the experiences of men that experienced abuse as kids.

I have met some very impressive people that are living lives of integrity, either healing or assisting others in healing. And I have been fortified by some most amazing friends through it all.

I could not have known how transformative this year would be. Some experiences were soaring, and others were deeply difficult. Yet all of them were in the service of healing and growth.

Once again, I say that I have never been more healthy and whole. I am full of gratitude.

And it is always “now”.


2 responses to “A Remarkable Year

  • Rose mclean

    Hello Tom and of course Happy New Year. I am happy for you and your healing and of course your hug growth in 2015.
    I thank you for your writings throughout the year as some of them have truly hit some deep feelings within myself. I have had some growth and am still working on growing more in 2016. This is of course a good thing that I look forward to but fear a little bit as well. Yum!!
    I wish you happiness and contuning growth/healing in the new year.
    All the best to you my friend,


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