To Feel So Much

Opening up, feeling, receiving, reaching out, being reached, sensing, hearing …… such intensity. To choose to be present in new ways, ways I have never, ever dared nor known, is to both witness beauty and to be in awe.

I am overwhelmed with energies. The ferocious tidal waves wash over me, pound the desert sands as I fight to maintain my footing, the waters cool me, the salt stings cracked lips … all welcome. The sands beneath my feet feel the promise of life returning. The waves bring music to my shores …. dance and poems and friends and celebrations too.

Life is plural now. It isn’t just survival anymore. My mind races to find edges but there are none …. freedom looks like this. My heart beats fast, from excitement and possibility. My lungs demand more oxygen. My feet wanna move.

There is a tingling sensation in my chest cavity. It is a call to expend the forces, to spend everything, now, now, now. Leave nothing undone, nothing unsaid.

To feel so much demands one thing: that I feel more.

One response to “To Feel So Much

  • renovatio06

    This hit me in 2005, when my general practitioner doctor relieved me from food intolerances that I’ve been putting up with for my entire life. Along with the massive gain of attention, consciousness, awareness came a tsunami of sentience I had never felt before, only faintly sensed. I’m still struggling to “drive the new me” with all that extra perception… 😮 😉


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