No Longer

No longer be your father’s descendant. Neither your mother’s.

Step away, finally.

You are the only warrior on your own personal battlefield. There is no opponent.

You do know how to be free, unencumbered and open. Set down the delusion of confusion, stop pretending you don’t know, because you do.

You have seen and heard enough to clear the way. Make peace with the truths of your life for they will never change.

Make space for all of the feelings that you have accumulated in this lifetime. Give them their voices. Feel them fully and they will take flight.

Allow your spirit, your soul, to reach out and gently, warmly take the hand of your human form, bathe it in warm waters and allow the burdens their rightful place, out there aloft in the winds of a time before.

Give this world the gift of your freedom, the only gift you really have.


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