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The Lure Of Truth

Truth is not a definition nor a set of words. It is not a book nor a job, relationship. Not noise or speech. It cannot be held or taught.

At best truth may be understood as Consciousness at play in each of us.

Something is pulling me, what used to be an irritant that I had set aside has outlasted all the noise and distractions. It still calls like a radio signal travelling great distances through space.

As my fear continues to subside, my sensitivity to the call has grown. These changes in my receptivity highlight both the beauty of the call and my deep disconnect from hearing it.

Seeing the disconnect is a sobering experience, it literally sickens me, makes me nauseous. I will not fall into despair, that response and others like it are behind me now, yet I still need to take this in so that I may sharpen my hearing and refine my sensing.

The lure of living truth is total. It is not a part-time thing, this lure, for it is always “on”. The amplitude of the call is rising and all other forces pale in their pull.

I sense an immense energy, it is almost a storm. It is all I can do to sit with it and accept that this is consciousness at play, in me.