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Kickstarter Campaign

This “speaking up” thing has led me to do and say things that I never thought would be possible. Letting it all hang out there is a bit strange. Here is another chapter in the strangeness.

There is a link at the top of my blog to the Bristlecone Project, a website that chronicles the stories of men that have experienced sexual abuse. These men (including myself) have decided that speaking out and speaking up is a declaration of healing and in doing so hope their voices reach the ears of men that need support.

Taking part in the Bristlecone Project has given me a voice and a sense that I can be of service in some way. This was the express intent of the man who created the project, Dr. David Lisak and he has put forth an enormous effort to bring this dream into fruition.

Now, Dr. Lisak is asking for some help so that he may expand the project to reach out to over 80 men from around the world who are waiting their turn to tell their story of healing. The additional costs of incorporating video along with still images represents a large part of the funds they hope to raise on the Kickstarter campaign.

Please watch the video below if for no other reason than to become aware of the men. If you can contribute, this project can have the opportunity to reach the men that need to be supported in the courageous act of healing. And don’t forget to circulate this video. You may know someone who can contribute to the campaign. You may know someone who needs to know about it.

Thank you.